About Us

In 1934 River Town Bank opened under the name of Bank of Dardanelle. Under the leadership of local, hometown bankers, the bank has grown to include branch offices in Dardanelle, Russellville, Danville, Atkins, Dover, and Conway, Arkansas.

On August 14, 2006 Bank of Dardanelle changed its name to River Town Bank. Although the name changed, the bank has continued to be one of the few locally owned and operated banks in the area. This name change reflects the banks commitment to ensure quality service to all communities in our service area, regardless of the location.

The stability of the Board of Directors, bank management, and other members of the bank family has contributed greatly to the growth and profitability of the bank. The Board of Directors is composed of a solid group of forward thinking, local community members.

Our diversified Board of Directors includes business professionals, a school teacher, community leaders, representatives of the retired community, and emerging leaders. Most members of our Board of Directors also have close family ties that extend to the founders of the bank. This strong heritage has ensured that the bank has remained true to our original goals of providing quality banking services tailored for the local community.

Many members of the Board of Directors also work in the bank on a daily basis. This close oversight has helped make sure that the bank retains that small bank feel that is important to everyone.

All of our loan decisions are made by local people that understand your needs, your particular circumstances, and they are probably your neighbors.

Members of the River Town Bank family have always understood the importance of giving back to the community. Our Board of Directors and management strongly support the efforts of our employees in their volunteer services. Our employees serve their communities in all capacities including teaching classes on financial responsibility at local schools, coaching baseball and football teams, serving as volunteer firemen, acting as youth mentors with Big Brothers/Big Sisters, raising funds for Arkansas Childrens Hospital and The American Cancer Society, volunteering with the Boy Scouts of America, Serving on local Housing Authority Boards and other activities too numerous to list. Our commitment to the community also extends to financial support for all manner of local organizations.

Our hiring practices, training programs, coaching, and by believing in our employees has allowed us to have an almost negligible employee turnover rate. This and our commitment to unsurpassed customer service has allowed us to have the most satisfied customers.