Business Loans

Custom Business Loans

For most businesses, loans are used for several reasons: business expansion, seasonal cash flow needs, taking advantage of trade discounts, or even making that next equipment purchase. We offer Custom Business Loans to businesses of all sizes. We have flexible credit terms specially designed for small businesses and credit guidelines that focus on the business owner as well as the business. For larger businesses,
we customize credit offerings based on the business's needs and cash flow.

  • Competitive rates
  • Abbreviated application process
  • Fast turnaround time in most cases, with local decision makers

Sounds Interesting, what are your approval criteria?

River Town Bank views businesses as an extension of their owners. It is often quite difficult to separate one from the other. Just as your business relies upon your skills and expertise to succeed, we will base our decision primarily on the qualifications, stability, and credit history of the business owner.

How do I get started?

Simply contact your nearest Branch Location and ask for additional details. One of our Business Banking representatives will meet with you to discuss your banking needs and the potential benefits of establishing a Custom Business Loan. There is a brief loan application, which requests financial information on the business and the business owners.

Commercial Real Estate Mortgage

Many business owners start their business by renting space in a shopping plaza, office park, even their garage. Over time, many decide to stop paying rent and opt to build equity and stability by purchasing real estate. At River Town Bank, we understand the pride and benefits of ownership, and know some of the frustrations involved in getting a timely answer from a mortgage lender. Therefore, our Commercial Real Estate Mortgage lending program focuses on the business and its owner. We offer quicker turnaround than many of our competitors and in many cases avoid many of the typical expenses that almost make you wish you were doing business back in your garage.

  • Professional team of experienced real estate lenders
  • Loan approvals made by local decision makers
  • Quick turnaround time on loan requests
  • Several interest rate options available
  • No prepayment penalties