Personal Banking

Personal Loans

Personal Installment Loans

One of the most popular types of personal loan is a competitively priced fixed-rate installment loan that can be used for almost any purpose: buy a boat, recreational vehicle, furniture, an engagement ring, pay for a vacation, etc. It's up to you!


  • Fixed rates
  • Variety of terms

Certificate of Deposit and Savings Account Loans

River Town Bank also offers loans secured by Certificates of Deposit and Savings Accounts. You can use the value of your savings to an even greater advantage than before. You probably never thought when you invested in a CD or savings account that it could help you with that special purchase opportunity, or help out in an unforeseen emergency. But, at River Town Bank, it can. And does.

Auto Loans (New and Used)

Let us help you purchase your new or used car with a River Town Bank auto loan.


  • Fixed rate for loan term.
  • Variety of terms available depending on year and model of vehicle.

Home Equity Loans

For many people, their most valuable asset is their home, and hidden in that value is great borrowing power...your home's equity. River Town Bank offers a variety of home equity loans to meet your particular situation. Call or come in and talk with one of our lending professionals to decide which loan will be best for you. They will be glad to help and glad to give you their best advice based on your particular needs and circumstances.